BY Molly Houlahan and Benji Goldsmith

PRODUCERS: Yuvika Tolani, Henry Tisch, Angeline Wang, Chris Homburger

In an impossibly perfect kingdom, Princess and Prince encounter something wholly unfamiliar on the eve of their wedding: doubt. When the world as they know it goes up in smoke, Princess and Prince, King and Queen, dragons and witches are left to struggle with how and what to rebuild from the ashes.

With book/lyrics by Molly Houlahan and music/lyrics by Benji Goldsmith, SCORCHED is a whimsical examination of the stories we tell and how they shape us.



by Rachel Carpman & Sara Holden

Producers: Rachel CarpmAn & Sara Holden

Wily fairies, bewildered lovers, and theater-loving menials collide in a radical reworking of Shakespeare's magical masterpiece. Familiar and alien, joyful and vicious. Midsummer explores the destruction we foolish mortals wreak on the world around us and revels in the redemptive power of imagination. This thrilling new spin on A Midsummer Night's Dream pulls text from across Shakespeare's canon to create a playful, aware, physical, contemporary tale for skeptics, romantics, and those of us who still, somehow, believe in magic.

Across the Park

by Kate Tucker Fahlsing

Producers: Kate Tucker Fahlsing & Kathryn Coughlin

Stuck on an island with 8 million people, Caroline and Denny are lonely and over-medicated. Separated by Central Park and almost two decades in age, this dysfunctional pair is brought together online by lust and their inability to cope. ACROSS THE PARK, a new play by Kate Tucker Fahlsing, follows Denny and Caroline’s non-traditional relationship for ten years and about ten thousand text messages. This dark comedy takes a candid look at mental illness, the search for human connection, and what happens when the only person who truly understands you is as damaged as you are.


by Mercedes Lake

Producers:  Mercedes Lake & Diana Losen

Obese Ellie and Jessica enter the hottest reality weight loss show TAUT! (Totally Awesome Untamed Thiness!) in order to lose weight, win cash, and gain sage advice from celebrity trainer, Shawna. However, as the taping continues, Ellie and Jessica begin to lose a lot more than their love handles. Taught. is a play about reality television, body policing and the dangers of defining "health."

Salem Bitch Trials

by Jared Sprowls

Producers: Jared Sprowls & Caitlin de Lisser-Ellen

When Bridget Bishop, the drag queen, acts out the life of Bridget Bishop, the Salem witch, she loses track of what is part of her act and what is part of her real life. Does her daughter doubt her? Does her lover love her? Will her stilettos kill her? As Bridget lip-syncs her way through Bridget Bishop Presents: The Salem Bitch Trials by Jared Rubin Sprowls, she determines whether she’s hiding behind a character or getting closer to her true self.

Kept Woman

by Rebekah Suellau

Producers: Madeline Hickman, Rebekah Suellau, & Emily Kleypas

When Cyn and Barry's longtime relationship is rocked by infidelity, the couple concocts an elaborate system of rules and boundaries in an attempt to repair the damage. The game gets even more complicated when Barry, charged with bedding another woman, begins falling in love with Adria. A love triangle with more than a few twists, Kept Woman is a dark, funny, strikingly sexy meditation on what we really mean by "moving on."


Orphans & Outsiders

 by Andrew Garrett, in collaboration with Jackie Rivera

Producers: Erica Blumrosen, Andrew Garrett, Sally Lindel, Carmen A. Quiñones, Sara Robillard, & Lawrence Schober

Terrified of being discovered, seven siblings flee their isolated home and are thrust into the chaos of post-apocalyptic America. When tracked down by outsiders whose oppressive views threaten their way of life, the family struggles to survive. Will they stand together to protect their own or allow opposing beliefs to tear them apart?