By Jon Tlapek

 Producers: Joel Edwards, Andrew Koenig, Jon Tlapek

An alpha male, a gamer, a geek, and a girl walk into a basement...

Dean, a (young) man’s man, works for his dad’s company, living off of his dad’s money in a duplex his dad paid for. Wyatt lives with him, and no one’s really sure what Wyatt does other than play video games. These two young men are Reed’s idols, everything he wants to be and everything he isn’t. Miriam couldn’t care less, but tonight she’s walking into the basement, and shit’s about to go down.


By Hope Rehak

           Producers: Hope Rehak, Tyler Zencka

Hazel and Jude have known one another since birth: they shared everything from hand-me-downs and fruit snacks to beer and cigarettes. When they reconnect after college, they realize how much they’ve grown apart, and how much between them has been left unsaid. As they float in and out of one another’s adult lives, both reckon with the cost of maintaining their oldest relationship at the expense of building new ones. Ruins is a dark comic exploration of the uncomfortably short distance between intimacy and hate, and the polite lies friends tell to keep a fragile peace.


By Tori Keenan-Zelt

Producers: Steven Koernig, Tori Keenan-Zelt

With her mom, Seph makes grass grow and flowers bloom. With her dad, she shoots things and cooks them. For as long as she can remember, the world has been defined by her family’s drama, and she has been the thread holding it together. Until she makes a human friend and discover just how unraveled things have become.

Originally developed in Fresh Ground Pepper’s BRB Retreat and PlayGround PlayGroup


By Elfriede Jelinek (trans. Gitta Honegger)

Producers: Ashley Chang, Ariel Sibert

In Nobel Prize-winning playwright Elfriede Jelinek’s feminist revision of the classic myth, an aging Eurydice speaks from the shadows of the underworld, reclaiming control of her own narrative. Rejecting the masculine world of the living in favor of death, non-existence, and otherness, she becomes our guide on this ironic journey through the “dark continent” of femininity. A North-American premiere, this scabrously funny postmodern exploration of contemporary gender roles asks: When a woman speaks, what don’t we hear? 


By Molly Pease

Producers: Molly Pease, Rachel Greenhoe

STIX is a dark comedy satirizing media and branding. After 6 years, Natalie is rescued from a deserted island with her companion, a large piece of driftwood named Stick. But when Stick becomes the media darling back in LA, Natalie has to learn how to survive all over again.


By Oona O’Leary

Producers: Oona O’Leary, Michael Gomez

PLEASE GO GENTLE INTO THAT GOOD NIGHT is an absurdist comedy about end-of-life care and filial piety. We follow three daughters, all named Elizabeth, as they desperately try to honor their father Frank’s dying wish. Unfortunately, he told them different things.


By Roger Q. Mason

      Producer: Roger Q. Mason

Meet the Howard family: Theo is a busy Black attorney; Hazel is his dutiful Filipina wife; and their son is bright, promising Jonathan. No, fuck that - here’s the Howard family: Theo has been pushed in the closet; Hazel’s Tiger mom tactics have kept him there; and their son Jonathan isn’t the boy either of them expect him to be. Part religious rite, part dance/performance piece, The White Dress is Jonathan's coming-of-age journey to embrace all his identities: a pansexual person of color who prefers female-assigned clothing.