The Odyssey , Araca Project 2011

The Odyssey, Araca Project 2011

What We Do

The objective of The Araca Project is to foster the emerging artist's entrepreneurial spirit.  

Selected artists will be offered an opportunity to produce their work in a New York City venue, giving artists the pride of ownership in their careers by providing a forum which both manifests their artistic visions and galvanizes classroom theory with real world action.

By founding The Araca Project, The Araca Group joins Syracuse University, the University of Michigan, Florida State University, Yale University, and Northwestern University in their commitment to early career development. Candidates for The Araca Project are those who have graduated from these five institutions within the last five years. In the summer, participants attend a week-long Producing Intensive wherein they participate in workshops covering a wide range of topics including general management, marketing & publicity, and production management. In the fall, participants present their work as full-scale productions in a professional New York City venue. 

Through The Araca Project, participants will take initiative and assume the responsibility of a producer. Some of these responsibilities include: securing production rights, raising capital, budgeting, casting, assembling a design team, load-in and load-out of a physical production, marketing, and maintaining a box office/ticketing system.

By giving artists the opportunity to take on the full creative, administrative and fiscal responsibilities of producing their work Off-Broadway, The Araca Project will endeavor to embolden these artists to recognize the power of the entrepreneurial spirit in shaping one’s artistic future.

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