What do they do?

Last week we introduced a new member of the team. This week we'll tell you a little about what everyone does:

Co - Executive Producers - Phil and Danny

These guys know all there is to know about The Araca Project. From the planning of events; the bootcamp, theatre visits, etc., to being a part of the pitch panel and selection process -- these boys are the ringleaders. Both are being two time veterans of the Project (2012 & 2013) where they have collectively produced, directed, and acted. They act as mentors, guides, and all around good guys. They are advisers, friends, and the go-to's for participants. They project that this years Project will be the best yet. Also, they're pretty handsome. 

Tip:  Danny likes to be wine and dined. Phil likes straightforward. #PuttyInYourHands

Production Assistant - Devon

Devon the veteran. Devon has been with the Project since its inception. Each year she has been an asset to the team and continues that this year helping us foresee items that may arise during the production process. She makes sure we all do our jobs better and we love her for it. 

Tip: She's got a great pop singing voice that she doesn't share. #OptionUp

Socialite Associate - Catie

What is a socialite associate? It's exactly what you're not sure it is. She'll be the reason you're checking your Facebook on your lunch break and your lunch will taste better because of it. She also takes photos for our Instagram -- oh yeah we have that too. So make sure to always look fresh, cause you might end up on it. Catie will also be around to help in the house once shows are up and running, cause she's a baller.

Tip: Her favorite children's book is Tough Cookie. She's a preschool teacher, so it's not weird. #BooksThatDescribeMyPersonality