Araca Project 2014

Ohhhhh man, you heard that right. The Araca Project 2014 now has the added spice of its participants selected and confirmed. We are proud to announce the seven shows of Araca Project 2014:

Woman in the Basement - Syracuse University

Untitled*  - Syracuse University

Fatal Eggs - Yale University

Fragile Things - Yale University

Bones in the Basket - Yale University

Mare in the Men's Room - Florida State University

Sea Legs - University of Michigan

We'll be dropping knowledge on these teams come the bootcamp in June and then they'll be propelled into the urban wilderness to produce. For they shall be producers.


 The team behind Sea Legs during their pitch.

The team behind Sea Legs during their pitch.

*He Needs, She Wants, and Mom Knows working title, official title announced soon.