AProj14 Lineup

Call your friends and family, mark your calendars, you won't want to miss one day of Araca Project 2014.

Find out below when each show's run will be!

Sept. 7th – 14th  You, Me and That Guy

Sept. 14th – 28th  Sea Legs

Sept. 28th – Oct. 5th Fatal Eggs

Oct. 5th – Oct 12th  Bones in the Basket

Oct. 12th – Oct. 19th  Mare in the Men’s Room

Oct. 19th – Oct 26th Woman in the Basement

Oct. 26th – Nov. 2nd  Fragile Things

It will be an amazing eight weeks! The only down side is waiting five months to see them.

As always, keep checking back for more updates!

Until next time.