InterVIEWS-day TUESday: David Kimple & Catie Humphreys!

Welcome to InterVIEWS-day TUESday! (Say it out loud. It rhymes.)  Each week, we’ll feature a different Araca Project participant (or, in this case, participants – lucky you!) answering questions on all the hard-hitting issues, like what celebrity encapsulates their show.  This week, we’re celebrating the beginning of the Araca Project by bringing you this mega awesome double-interview with Goldfish Memory Productions’ David Kimple and Catie Humphreys.  (Both of whom didn’t send me pictures, and – as a result – were stalked on Facebook; sorry not sorry.)  Seatbelts fastened?  Good.  Let’s go.


1. What is your involvement in the Araca Project 2014?

Our company Goldfish Memory Productions is participating as the first ever representatives of Florida State University and presenting an original play called Mare in the Men’s Room. For this particular show, David Kimple will act as the principal producer and playwright and Catie Humphreys will be co-producing and performing as Liza.

2. Describe your show in 17 words. 

The journey of a woman who trades life in the suburbs for a life in drag. Boom.

3. If your show were a celebrity who would it be?

Catie: A cross between Freddie Mercury and Jennifer Lawrence.
David: A cross between David Bowie and Cate Blanchett.

4. If you could be any character in the show, who would you be? Why? 

Catie: Liza, because she’s easy to dislike and it’s interesting to find humanity in characters that the audiences don’t automatically connect to. Also, because I’m actually playing her in the production.
David: If I could perform as one of them I guess I would want to be Austin because I think that is the only role I would be reasonably appropriate for casting-wise… but I like to imagine that I get to “be” all of them because I wrote the show.

5. What was the first show you worked on in any capacity? 

Catie: You Can’t Take it With You, as Penny @ Gateway High School. Memories!
David: The Princess and the Pea when I was a very little kid. I played The Prince and remember crying on the first day of rehearsal.

6. What is your biggest show catastrophe/embarrassment, on stage or off?

Catie: In college, I was cast as an “actor technician” and we received a bow at curtain call. As I was walking up the catwalk on the stage, I tripped and my entire dress flew up. Worst.  
David: Allowing myself to go to the dance call for the national tour of The Wizard of Oz in 2011. We’re not going to discuss THAT.

7. What are your top 3 (Yes only 3) theatre experiences (as an audience member or participant)? 

Catie: Mark Rylance in Twelfth Night on Broadway, 2013; Jerusalem, Broadway, 2011 (Can you tell I’m a Mark Rylance fan?); St. Joan @ National Theatre, London, Fall 2007.
David: This is HARD! Okay. In no particular order…Performing in Crave by Sarah Kane, being called “my little Gogo” by Sir Ian McKellan when I played Estragon in Waiting for Godot at FSU (swoon), the first reading of my play MMF.

8. What is your guilty pleasure TV show? 

Catie: Downton Abbey, all the way. 
David: Grey’s Anatomy. But I have no guilt.

9. What is your internet and/or social media obsession? 

Catie: I’m quite the Pinterest fan. 
David: I’m all about the Instagram.

10. What’s the one movie you’d actually like to see as a stage show? 

Catie: OOOOOO, Goodnight & Good Luck?
David: Requiem for a Dream. I think it could be really amazing in a Robert Lopage meets The Who’s Tommy kind of way.

Lighting Round!

1. Musical or Straight Play?

Catie: Straight Play.
David: Straight (as a circle).

2. Too Hot or Too Cold?

Both: Too HOT.

3. Wine or Beer?

Catie: Whiskey.
David: Didn’t Larson teach us that it’s “wine AND beer”? Also, Whiskey.

4. Olympics or X-Games?

Catie: Olympics.
David: What is this, the 90’s?

5. Proscenium or Thrust?

Both: Thrust.


So there you have it! Be sure to tune in every week to learn more behind the scenes of the Araca Project 2014!