UPDATE FRIDAY: Week Three (July 14th - July 18th)

Welcome to Update Friday! Every week, we will be sharing the progress of various Araca Project 2014 groups(/pods/teams/etc.) with you -- so grab some popcorn (or the snack food of your choice), and celebrate the wondrous journey that is summer theater production!!!

BONES IN THE BASKET (Yale University):

Bones in the Basket has had a busy week fundraising.  Our website is updated, and our crowd funding campaign will go live next week!  We’ve also begun our second round of design meetings, as the designers got a chance to see the American Theatre for Actors and we began to brainstorm ways to make this unique space even more interesting (i.e. strange).

THE FATAL EGGS (Yale University):

The Fatal Eggs has launched its Indigogo Campaign and is already 25% to their funding goal. Won't you help us drop chickens from the sky and build a giant actor-eating snake??? All donations are tax-deductible! (www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-fatal-eggs) We're also profiling an actor and designer on our website every week. This week it's Ceci Fernandez! We will also be announcing some really, really, really exciting news in early August, but have to keep it under wraps until then... so stay tuned on the News & Media page of our website http://www.fataleggs.com/news--media.html.

MARE IN THE MEN'S ROOM (Florida State University):

This week, we of Mare in the Men's Room and Goldfish Memory Productions have been hard at work laying the ground work for our company. We are developing our website, thanking our donors, and preparing for casting. In addition to 'Mare', we are also producing a show in the NY Fringe this year. The play is called MMF and opens on August 10th! Tickets go on sale next Friday and you can read a bit about the show through this interview that David did! Additionally, Florida State University (our Alma Mater) made a lovely little write up about us and The Araca Project!


Old Sound Room is in full-blown fundraising mode! This past Monday night, we had a successful fundraiser event full of wine, sushi (donated by the amazing Bun Lai of Miya's Sushi), and a performance of Machine Makes Man, our company's most recent production. The following morning, we launched our Kickstarter page. Neil Gaiman, author of "Fragile Things" (the piece we're adapting for Araca), generously signed and illustrated various copies of his work as rewards for the campaign. You can check it out here. As the numbers rise, our creative juices continue to flow! 

SEA LEGS (Michigan University):

This week, Sea Legs: A Nautical New Musical reached our fundraising goal a full seven days before the end of our Indiegogo campaign! We look forward to continue fundraising so that we can focus on creating an even stronger production than we originally imagined.

YOU, ME & THAT GUY (Syracuse University):

You, Me & That Guy launched its Kickstarter yesterday, and has already gotten 5% of its total pledge! The production team is also holding a fundraiser open mic at Rockwood Music Hall on the 23rd of July.