InterVIEWS-day TUESday: Stephen Sanow!

Welcome to InterVIEWS-day TUESday! (Say it out loud. It rhymes.)  Each week, we’ll feature a different Araca Project participant answering questions on all the hard-hitting issues, like what celebrity encapsulates their show.  This week, we’re celebrating the team behind You, Me & That Guy by bringing you this top-notch interview with the show's heavenly writer, Stephen Sanow.  Seatbelts fastened?  Good.  Let’s go.

1. What is your involvement in Araca Project 2014?
I wrote You, Me & That Guy with my own two hands.


2. Describe your show in 17 words. 
SEVENTEEN WORDS!? You want me to describe my amazing, beautiful, luscious show in SEVENTEEN WORDS!? IT’S FUNNY!


3. If your show were a celebrity who would it be?
Zooey Deschanel.


4. If you could be any character in the show, who would you be? Why?
I would be Sarah’s Mom because I love pretending I’m Frank Underwood from House of Cards.


5. What was the first show you worked on in any capacity?
When I was 7, I put up my own Saturday Night Live for my family at Thanksgiving (which I still do).  I wrote the skits, cast my cousins and directed the show.  Then I would ask for money after- everyone gave me something except my Aunt Carol, who said, “You get paid in love” and then I replied “Bull Sh*t” and that was the first time I ever cursed in front of my mother.  


6. What is your biggest show catastrophe/embarrassment, on stage or off?
I missed an entrance in Little Women in high school.  It was a catastrophe because I only had one line the whole show.


7. What are your top 3 (Yes only 3) theatre experiences (as an audience member or participant)?
Ragtime at the Kennedy Center.  Cabaret at SU Drama.  Much Ado About Nothing at the Shakespeare Theatre Company in DC.


8. What is your guilty pleasure TV show?

South Park.


9. What is your internet and/or social media obsession?



10. What’s the one movie you’d actually like to see as a stage show?




Lighting Round!

1. Musical or Play?
[play with music]

2. Too Hot or Too Cold?
Too Cold.

3. Wine or Beer?

4. Olympics or X-Games?
Seriously? Olympics, duh.

5. Proscenium or Thrust?
That’s a cheeky question, but thrust.


That's all for now! Be sure to tune in every week to learn more behind the scenes of the Araca Project 2014.