UPDATE FRIDAY: Week One (June 30th - July 4th)!

Welcome to Update Friday! Beginning this week, we will be sharing the progress of various Araca Project 2014 groups(/pods/teams/etc.) with you -- so grab some popcorn (or the snack food of your choice), and celebrate the wondrous journey that is summer theater production!!!

BONES IN THE BASKET (Yale University):

Bones in the Basket surely had a delectably Russian week (ironic)!


THE FATAL EGGS (Yale University):

The team behind The Fatal Eggs has spent the week expanding its social media and developing its website! Take a look see -- we're seriously loving that shiny "OCTOBER 2 - 5, 2014" notice on the front page!!!


MARE IN THE MEN'S ROOM (Florida State University):

This week was HUGE for us here at Mare in the Men’s Room. We finished our Kickstarter campaign, AHHHH! We are excited to report that our goal was met, and then some! While most of our efforts were focused on Kickstarter this week (thanking backers, writing updates, blasting on social media, etc.), we did have the chance to work on some press opportunities.  Catie was a guest writer on the GreenRoomBlog and together, we were featured on the Araca Project’s “InterVIEWS-Day TUESday". What a beautiful, busy week here at Goldfish Memory Productions, can’t wait for what next week brings!



This week, the team of Old Sound Room artists behind October in the Chair and Other Fragile Things worked on updating its show website -- including this beautiful new fundraiser announcement on their homepage.


SEA LEGS: A NAUTICAL NEW MUSICAL (University of Michigan):

Sea Legs: A New Musical's fundraising campaign is well underway!  With the launch of our indiegogo page only two days ago, we have already raised over $3,000 in funding.  We are so grateful for the support we received so far!  We realize we need all hands on deck to make this production a reality, and this is only just the beginning. 
Check out our indiegogo campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sea-legs-a-new-musical/x/8077166#home.
Also feel free to check out our website at www.sealegsthemusical.com, and join our email list for more updates!


WOMAN IN THE BASEMENT (Syracuse University):

The cast and crew of Woman in the Basement spent this week getting their crowdsourcing, website, and social media together. More soon!


YOU, ME & THAT GUY (Syracuse University):

The "You, Me & That Guy" team has been hard at work trying to incorporate the lessons we learned in our great week at the Araca Boot Camp to our plans. We're on the tail end of casting, have started to get designers attached, and are getting ready to launch our Kickstarter!