You, Me & That Guy:

'You, Me & That Guy' has been working hard at rehearsals, and it has been a hilariously good time. We are also extremely excited to announce that we have surpassed our Kickstarter goal! So thank you to everyone for all of the support. Don't forget you can buy your tickets for the show at www.youmeandthatguy.com
Also make sure to be there at the launch party on the 11th!

Sea Legs:

Rehearsals for Sea Legs: A Nautical New Musical are well underway!  We have been having a ton of fun in rehearsal and have enjoyed seeing this production come to life!  Feel free to visit our website, www.sealegsthemusical.com, to sign up for our email list and receive exclusive updates and sneak peeks.  Tickets for the production are available at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/791420.  

The Fatal Eggs:

The Fatal Eggs is nearing the end of our fundraising timeline - and we've already successfully achieved all our goals! This week all the designers will meet together and finalize decisions on the designs. We are prepping for rehearsals to begin, press releases are being sent out daily, marketing images are almost completed, and we've got a great list of VIP invites in the making! AND TICKETS ARE ON SALE!

Mare In The Men's Room:

We at Mare have officially closed our first show as Goldfish Memory Productions! We’ve been using that energy by diving full-on into Mare. We’ve got a full team assembled and we are starting to gather set/costume materials. We’re also finishing up casting, check out our posting here: (http://www.backstage.com/casting/mare-in-the-mens-room-off-bway-43952/). Let us know if you have anyone in mind!

The Woman In The Basement:

After auditioning about 140 incredible actors out of 2000 submissions, we have a cast! We're holding final callbacks Friday for our last two roles, and then we will announce our talented cast! So excited for rehearsal. Also, if we haven't shared yet, our play went through rewrites and now has a "justice filled" ending and setup. We're very pleased. 

On to hardcore fundraising!

October In The Chair And Other Fragile Things:

This week, Old Sound Room wrapped up rehearsals for our initial run of "October in the Chair..." at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival, where it will preview before Araca. Incorporating costumes, puppets, live music, and requesting gluten-free airline meals made this week a long yet fulfilling one. We are also beginning work with our publicist to get things rolling for the Off-Broadway run. Bon Voyage!