Update Friday; Week 1 in the theater!

You, Me & That Guy opened last night and have 4 more performances!

Sea Legs:

The team of Sea Legs: A Nautical New Musical is so excited to move into the theater on Sunday!  We are having a great time finishing our last week of rehearsals before tech week, and we can't wait to open next Saturday. Don't miss the boat- get your tickets now at BrownPaperTickets.com!

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Bones in the Basket:

Bones in the Basket had a great week…our indiegogo campaign completed and we started rehearsals on monday!  Only a week into rehearsal and we have already seen some exciting new additions to the show (shadow play of skulls eating little girls, 15 foot tall witches, and a very naughty fox).

Mare in the Men's Room:

We started off this week with an extraordinarily excited full-company production meeting and are finalizing the next stage of our marketing plans after doing a wonderful photo shoot with our leading lady. Tickets have begun to sell and rehearsals start next Wednesday! Tickets are on sale: www.MareInTheMensRoom.com

The Woman in the Basement:

The show is cast!

Cast List:L James: Amos Vanderpoel

Keisha: Umi Shakti

Tucker: Carson Higgins

Dylan: Dario Caudana

Stevie: Jomack Miranda

Buck: Pete Hourihan

Nick: Cornelius McMoyler

Daniels: Tony Del Bono

Officer 2: Revin Kittles

Keisha: Gwenevere Sisco

We have over half of our funds raised. And we're gearing up for rehearsals. Woohoo!

October in the Chair:

Greetings from the Netherlands! This week Old Sound Room premiered "October in the Chair..." at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. We've learned a lot and had the luxury of workshopping some changes based on the audience response. After our fill of bike rides, canal tours, and wheels of cheese, we are feeling exhilarated and ready to bring the show back to NYC.