2015 Projects SELECTED!!

The 2015 Projects are confirmed. Check them out!

Tarrytown - Syracuse Univ. - Producers: Tyler Spicer, Carmen Quinones & Matt Tolbert

The Lilliput Troupe - Northwestern Univ. - Producers: Jack Eidson & Sally Lindel

Le Probleme - Yale Univ. - Producers: Sarah Krasnow & Brian Dudkiewicz

Hopeful Soul - Syracuse Univ. - Producers: Robert Axelrod, Anto Pereira, Dustin Kahn & Annie Wilkins

Lady -  Northwestern Univ. - Producers: Sofya Weitz, Will Arbery, Will Dagger & Katie Cochran

Urinetown: The Musical - Syracuse Univ. - Producers: Seth Landau, Ethan Butler & Tim Simon

CONGRATULATIONS to all project selects!

With the Bootcamp only 6 weeks away, this year's Araca Project is underway!