#APBootCamp: Day 10

Well, now.  Here we are.  The Last Day.

We started off with Orin Wolf, Broadway and Off-Broadway producer/booker/general manager/theatrical Superman.  One of his first ventures as a producer was a $50K Off-Broadway passion piece, much like our teams’ work.  It was great to get the perspective of someone who had been directly in their shoes, soliciting money (in a pre-Kickstarter era) and pooling resources to get a show on its feet.  

And here are my Top 3 Orin Wolf Nuggets of Wisdom (just because he told me not to call them nuggets): 

  • In theatre, You’re selling a product with a subjective value and intangible proof of quality.
  • Theatre is a social business.
  • Don’t sell something until you have something to sell.

Our second session was a real treat, as we were joined by two producers from Araca Project 2011, Alex Alcheh and Matt Britten.  They frankly talked us through their missteps and successes, and proved to be much needed resources for the current teams to express their concerns/fears/terrors about the process.  A HUGE thanks to Alex and Matt for their time and honesty.

After lunch, we wrapped up with Beth Watson, an Account Supervisor at SpotCo.  We’ve had a lot of Marketing talk, so it was great to hear the differences between those jobs and Beth’s.  We talked through positioning a show and developing key art, and she had some very wise things to say about the advertiser/producer relationship (“The best clients are the one who trust us.”), which were helpful to all!

And that’s all she wrote!  Thanks for reading along, and be sure to review all the #APBootCamp tweets for more nuggets of wisdom from all of our speakers.  It was an exhilarating and exhausting two weeks; I hope all of our teams get lots of rest this weekend!  I’m going to spend mine figuring out what to write about now that boot camp is over…

Happy weekend!