#APBootCamp: Day 2

Day 2!  Today started off with a sensible meet and greet at MTC to give us all the opportunity to say hey to each other.  And to eat some sensible carbs:

And drink some coffee:

(maybe a little too much coffee for Danielle…)

We then ventured over to the American Theatre of Actors, where our teams got the opportunity to acquaint themselves with their new home.  James Jennings, who founded ATA and runs the space to this day, did a quick safety and procedure overview, and then the teams wandered away.

After lunch, the teams gathered at Araca for a quick “Intro to Raising Money” session with Matthew Rego and Hank Unger, two of the three CEOs of The Araca Group.  Matthew and Hank both had some fantastic nuggets of knowledge for our young producers about being bold, taking risks and making things happen.  Here were some of our favorite quotes:

  • “Even if they’re donating, people are stillinvesting in something: you. Your journey as artists. Your future.” -MR
  • “Every decision you make is a budgetary one. Making a budget is one of the most creative parts of putting up a show.” -MR
  • “Your gut as a producer is what you’re developing here.” -HU
  • “Be overly kind. Be overly grateful. You just never know when or how that kindness will be repaid.” -MR
  • “Looking back, each small step was a quantum leap.” -HU

Well color us inspired.  We closed the day with an impromptu Q and A, addressing anything we had missed with Hank and Matthew, with Danielle and Kaitlin pitching in their two cents.

We’re looking forward to lots o’ logistics tomorrow.  We’ll start off the morning chatting Insurance with Julie Monahan and Hans Kriefall here at Araca, followed by a review of the good, the bad and the ugly of Araca Project 2011 with our own Dana Li.  After lunch, we’ll talk Independent Producing with Jeremy Blocker, the Managing Director of Ars Nova.

As always, Kaitlin will be Tweeting and Instagramming the day away, so follow us on both platforms @thearacaproject!