#APBootCamp: Day 3

What. A. Day.  We started here at Araca with a chat about Insurance/Business Affairs with Julie Monahan, our EVP of Finance, and Hans Kriefall, our SVP of Business Affairs.  It was serious business.

We cleared up a lot of insurance issues, shared thoughts about the ATA contract and went over who is responsible for what.  Turns out, Araca’s insurance covers everything “Lights Forward” from the actor’s perspective, or everything that happens behind the footlights of the stage.  Something about that phrase is so fun and old-timey Broadway.  Like “The show has no legs.”  Love that.

Anydoodle, we then had a frank and extremely helpful talk about Araca Project 2011 with Dana and Danielle.  These gals conquered this behemoth of a process alone last year and learned so much along the way.  Their thoughts and advice are invaluable as we head into game time this year.

After lunch, we spent some time with Jeremy Blocker, the Managing Director of Ars Nova.  Talk about inspiring.  This fella has done it all and spoke with such eloquence and honesty about his personal experiences, from raising money to encouraging emerging artists to budgeting and everything in between.  And, as if that wasn’t fantastic enough, he then went around to each team and advised them about their specific project.  WHAT?!  Incredible.

We hauled our invigorated selves back to Araca to wrap up the day with Michael Rego, who had a few knowledge bombs of his own to drop.  He posed the question, “How will YOU define success for yourselves in this process?” and encouraged each project to form some sort of mission statement to hearken back to when all hell breaks loose down the line.  A nice note of self-reflection on which to end Day 3.

Tomorrow, we start with Production Coordination & Technical Budgeting with Stephanie Sherline of Aurora Productions and finish with General Awesomeness with Daniel Hoyos, Company Manager at the Signature Theatre.  As always, there will be some live tweetin’ goin’ on.

Happy longest day of the year!  Enjoy the sunshine.