#APBootCamp: Day 6!

Y’all it is week. Two.  Here we are!  We had a wonderfully free-form day today, first with Amanda Watkins, EVP of Development and Production here at Araca, then with Scott Morfee, Artistic Director of the Barrow Street Theatre.  Both speakers were incredibly generous with their time and advice, going around and consulting with each team on their individual project.

As always, we were tweeting away (with permission…).  Here were a few of our favs from the morning with Amanda:

  • Defining “theatrical:” a story that is compelling. Commercial viability is nothing without a story in which audiences are invested.
  • There’s nothing wrong with looking at how you fit into the landscape of theater around you.  Your audience will be making the same comparisons.
  • Relationships among your creative team should be defined now to prevent arguments/tensions/confusion later.
  • In talking about next steps for a project, start with your team.  Who’s in?  Who’s not?  Get your ducks in a row before you go out for a walk. 

And the afternoon with Scott:

  • People need to hear about a show about seven times before they’ll buy a ticket.
  • Find your “clubhouse” bar or restaurant in the area.  Create a community around your theatre.
  • Writing a “blurb” can be the hardest part.  Every word must be an action word - forward moving. No unnecessary ands or ofs.
  • The real nuts and bolts of theatre in NYC are theatre-goers.  Don’t over-niche.

I think all of us appreciated coming back refreshed from the weekend and getting to talk about the shows from an artistic perspective with a business spin, instead of the other way around, which can get intimidating!  

Speaking of intimidating, how about this Marketing Director/Executive Producer team:

No, it wasn’t planned.  No, this is not the first time this has happened.  Yes, we do have ESP.

Happy Monday!