#APBootCamp: Day 7

FINALLY.  MARKETING DAY.  Guys.  This day was my jamz.  So much so that I’m writing in first person instead of using “we.”  But seriously.

We started off with Elyce Henkin, Director of the Broadway Division at Type A Marketing.  She gave all of us an incredible overview of what a marketing director does (and doesn’t do), as well as providing fantastically helpful anecdotes from her own experiences.  While she had some fantastic analogies (“Inventory management is the sundried tomato of 2012.”), the thing that stuck with me most is her description of a marketing director as responsible for the cohesion of a campaign.  With so many moving parts (in the promotion side of a show, let alone the whole process), it’s so important to have that big picture in sight, and that’s what attracts me about this side of the biz.

After lunch, we had “Marketing in the Digital Age” with Kristin Johnson and Steven Tartick of Davenport Theatrical Enterprises.  True to their seminar’s title, they came with a fancy PowerPoint!  

As to be expected, their chat with us was perfection.  Our little series of shows come with proportionally little money to spend on marketing and advertising, and Kristin and Steven did a wonderful job of exploring all the internet has to offer.  For free.  I think as members of the social media generation, it’s easy to think “Oh I know how to Facebook, I know how to Tweet,” but using it as a business tool is very different from posting pictures of your latest birthday party.  They talked through the differences in content (FB is more media heavy, Twitter is “like a loud cocktail party”) and how to maximize our return on every platform.  Not everything was about spreading the word, though.  Steven reminded us that “behind every screen is a human being.”  They spoke of some great customer service ideas, from behind the scenes videos to post-show emails to follow up with patrons.  We all had our pens out and were furiously taking notes, and we (I) can’t thank Kristin and Steven enough for the invaluable insight.

BUT WE WEREN’T DONE.  We headed over to OvationTix for an orientation.  OvationTix is a ticketing service owned by TheaterMania, and we’ll be using them for all of our shows, based off of one pretty Araca Project page.  We won’t bore you with the ins and outs of their system, but suffice it to say, it’s pretty amazing.  Plus they gave us swag:

Who doesn’t need an extra chapstick?!

We closed out the day back here at Araca, excitedly round-tabling about our marketing plans and new ideas from the day’s sessions.  I have started at least 3 to do lists based on today’s activities and I’m sure I’ll start 3 more before I leave.  YES.

Look forward to Day 8 tomorrow, with a lil Press 101, a lil Balancing Art and Commerce and a lil Budgeting.  We just keep going and going and going