#APBootCamp: Day 8

It is the HOME. STRETCH.

We started off today with Press Agents from two of the biggest PR Firms on Broadway: Tom D’Ambrosio (SU alum!) and Wayne Wolfe from The Hartman Group and Matt Polk (another SU alum!) from Boneau/Bryan-Brown.  Press is one of those things you (or at least I) think you know what it is, but the details are fuzzy.  Well, no longer.  We cannot possibly overstate how incredible this panel was.  These gentlemen took the time to go around to each team, listen to their 3-sentence “blurb” and give them direct feedback on their word choices and tone, and advise them on how to position themselves in the media.  WHAT?!  Literally priceless.  Everyone left with this invaluable knowledge and a lot of thinking to do.  Look for an updated “2012 Shows” page soon!

After a brief lunch, we were back with casting director extraordinaire David Caparelliotis of MelCap Casting.  We spoke a lot about the intersection of art and commerce, and the ever-blurring lines between the two.  David started working at the beginning of the “star casting” trend and has seen the shift in priority from an optimal angle.  He shared some insider views of the process and gave us a great glimpse into a different aspect of putting up a show, and showed how “creative” it actually can be.

We finished up the day with a session on Budgeting with Liz Halakan of Frankel/Green Management.  While a necessary beast, I don’t know that anyone thought this session would be wildly entertaining.  Well, were we proven wrong!  Liz did a fantastic job of bringing budgeting (a huge and totally terrifying thing) down to a completely manageable level.  And she busted out some TEACHING. TOOLS:

Incredible!  Line by line!  Once again, the teams left with a lotta notes and a long To Do list, but I think everyone was invigorated by such an exciting day.

Also, I know I keep harping on it, but really do check out the #APBootCamp tweets on our Twitter page.  You, too, can have access to this incredible vault of knowledge to absorb and retweet and argue about and disagree with and retweet.  I know.  It’s exciting.

Our penultimate day features Entertainment Law with our very own Marisa Sechrest and The Big Pitch Panel in the afternoon, during which our teams will pitch a panel of professionals and receive individualized feedback.  Exciting!!!!