#APBootCamp: Day 9

Only one day more!  Our penultimate day was jam-packed to say the least.  We started with Entertainment Law with Marisa Sechrest, EVP of Production and Business Affairs at Araca.  She gave us all an amazing directory of theatrical legal terms and talked through the (many) different types of agreements, and which are absolutely essential at any level.  There are a LOT of terms and Marisa did an incredible job of simplifying them down for us novices.  I think I finally understand royalty pools.

After a whirlwind with Marisa, we sat down for a production meeting! It was great to check in on everyone’s progress again, as so much has happened in the last two weeks.  Everyone is pluggin’ along and gettin’ excited.  Look for some major new videos/awesomeness in the coming weeks (and, if you haven’t already, check out this one from One Night Only and keep checking The Rescignos’ page for periodic new vids).

We took a nice lunch, which many groups used to prepare for The Big Pitch Day!  This afternoon, we were joined by Robyn Goodman, Joanna Hagan and Jen Namoff, who listened to each team pitch their show and gave individualized and group feedback on their presentations.  Danielle, Lisa and I were lucky enough to sit in on these presentations, and I have to say it was so wonderful to watch our producers talk about their projects with such poise, passion and professionalism.  The lessons learned over the past two weeks were put to use, to amazing effect.  Bravo!

The day ended with a little open forum, and a lotta party!  We had a wonderful launch gathering at Hurley’s, and it was great to unwind from our long days of boot camp.

One more day!  Friday starts out with one last Fundraising chat with Orin Wolf, followed by a panel of the Araca Project 2011 producers and finishing up with some Advertising words from Beth Watson of SpotCo.

Then I have to think of other things to write on here.  Uh oh…

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