Fun Fact Friday: #APBootCamp Day 5 Edition!

Two birds.  One stone.  Here are our favorite fun facts we learned in the final day of Week 1 of Araca Project 2012 Boot Camp!

The Art of the Pitch w/Peter Pergola, Anne MacLean, Lindsay Meck and Megan Rhoads of The Araca Group.

  • Build relationships with today’s assistants and associates - in 5-10 years, they’ll be running things. 
  • People are impressed when you show interest in them, not in what you can get from them.
  • Test your pitch out on people already on your side - your family, your friends, your mentors.
  • You never know when you’re pitching.  It’s a small community with big ears and bigger mouths.
  • The best pitches feel like casual conversations.
  • Be prepared to present what you want to present how you want to present it, but always have the knowledge you might not use any of it.
  • You’re meeting with a person.  A human.  With the same basic needs that you have.

Next up was an hour and a half with Kevin McCollum, producer extraordinaire. He put it well, “As technology becomes more powerful, the need to gather becomes greater.”  And in the spirit of that thought, we all put away our devices and were in the room for this session.  It was great.  That’s all I got for you.

How to Effectively Run a Box Office w/Harrison Harvey, GM of The Ride

  • No one wants to pay full price, everyone wants to feel like they’re getting a deal.
  • Start from the bottom up: student discounts should be the lowest price, then a mid-level “friends and family” discount, and a higher general discount.
  • Don’t undercut yourself!
  • Papering: filling the house (usually during previews or early performances) with unpaid patrons.
  • Don’t give anyone their money back!  No returns or exchanges means no returns or exchanges.
  • Your BO is the audience’s first impression and determines their mood as they walk into the theatre.  Make a good impression.
  • The younger the person, the later their buying a ticket.

You guys, that should really have been titled Fun and Informative Fact Friday.  Cause woah!  There’s more brilliance to be found on our Twitter feed, and we’ll be up and at ‘em again on Monday.  

Have a GREAT weekend!