Fun Fact Friday: Blind Items!

Well hey everyone!  Things are picking up over here in Araca Project-land, and we couldn’t be more excited.  We start our Producing Intensive a week from Monday and the lineup of speakers is SHMAMAZING.  So, this week, we’re going a little mysterious with our FFF.  Here are some facts about our speakers, and we’ll reveal the names of the corresponding professionals next Friday!

Speaker A lived in Tanzania before starting to work on (and off) the Great White Way.

Speaker B went to elementary school with President Obama.

Speaker C was the table tennis champion of Michigan.

Speaker D played Maria to Nick Jonas’s Kurt von Trapp in The Sound of Music.

And, for a visual component, here is just a smattering of the shows on which our amazing speakers have worked:

Yeah, they’re pretty cool.  We can’t wait to share more info next week, and to dive into boot camp the week after.  Stay tuned!