Fun Fact Friday: Hometown Heroes

Welcome to Fun Fact Friday!  I don’t know about you, but I love finding out about people’s origins, where they come from, what their deal is.  Inspired by this (borderline stalker) obsession, today’s FFF will feature everyone’s hometowns!  Note: this list is not comprehensive, it merely represents who was at our production meeting this morning, during which I really creeped everyone out asking them for their hometowns.

Danny Bateman, producer of The Black Book: Rutland, VT
From 1938-1941, Rutland had a professional baseball team, the Rutland Royals.  They were disbanded during World War II. 

Phil Blechman, producer/director/playwright of The Black Book: Fishkill, NY
In 1996, PETA petitioned the city to change it’s name to something less violent towards animals.  This petition did not succeed.

Alex Bisker, producer/director of The Man With America Skin: Ostrander, OH
Ostrander’s main street was destroyed by a fire in 1925. The block was rebuilt over the next couple years and looked much as it does now.

Kate Cohen, producer of One Night Only: Bethesda, MD
The book series The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants takes place in Bethesda.  I am mostly choosing this fun fact because it is the first one listed on the Wiki page, and I find that funny.

Kaitlin Fine, Araca Project Marketing Director: Arlington Heights, IL
There is a store in downtown Arlington Heights called The Corner Barkery.  It sells dog accessories. Not pastries. Lesson learned.

Mike Girts, producer of One Night Only: Midlothian, VA
Founded as a coal mining community in 1730, Midlothian coal heated the White House for President Thomas Jefferson. 

Dana Li, Araca Project Production Manager: Boxborough, MA
Boxborough is known for its annual Fifer’s Day celebration. The day commemorates Luther Blanchard, the fifer who marched the local minuteman company to the Battle of Concord on April 19, 1775. He may or may not be buried on Dana’s street.

Shawn Nabors, producer/playwright of Cake: Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn’s official motto is Eendraght Maeckt Maght. Written in the Dutch language, it is inspired by the motto of the United Dutch Provinces and translated “Unity makes strength.” The borough’s official colors are blue and gold.  Who knew?!!?

Justin Nichols, producer of Hot Mess in Manhattan: Tewksbury, MA
Tewksbury is the hometown of Annie Sullivan, tutor and mentor to Helen Keller. 

Robbie and Paul Rescignos, producers/creators of The Rescigno Variety Show: Milford, DE
Milford is spread over two counties: Sussex and Kent.  One for each Rescigno. 

Stephanie Shechter, producer/technical director of The Man With America Skin: Escanaba, MI
In January 1968, Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi’s daughter was married in Escanaba at St. Anne’s Church. Upon finding out his then-unwed daughter was pregnant, Lombardi, who was vacationing in Florida at the time, insisted she drive to Michigan to get married rather than doing it Green Bay, in order to keep the news out of the papers.  Drama!

Emily Stromburg, Araca Project Assistant Production Manager: Westport, CT
Westport was the home of both Lucy and Ricky Ricardo (after they left their apartment) onI Love Lucy AND Darrin and Samantha Stephens onBewitched.

Jasmine Thomas, producer of Cake: Baltimore, MD
The United States national anthem was first written as a poem commemorating the 1814 bombardment of Fort Henry in Baltimore. 

Danielle von Gal, Araca Project Executive Producer: Miami, FL
Miami is the only major city in the US to be founded by a woman.  Shockingly, it was not Danielle von Gal, but Julia Tuttle.

We have such an East Coast group!  With a dash of the Midwest, of course.  Thanks, everyone, for participating!