Fun Fact Friday: Staff Edition

Welcome to Fun Fact Friday, the first of many alliterative-ly titled series here at The Araca Project Blog.  We begin with some fun facts about our small but mighty Araca Project Task Force.  We like to call ourselves The Avengers, because originality is very important to us and that name has never been used before.

When Danielle von Gal started college at Syracuse,  she tried to introduce herself as Ellie.  It did not catch on.

Kaitlin Fine is the only member of The Araca Project team that did not go to the University of Michigan or Syracuse.  Sometimes she gets confused and really craves a Phoebe’s wrap or a Zingerman’s sandwich.

Dana Li’s elementary school ambition was to grow up to be Michelle Kwan.

When Emily Stromberg was six months old, her parents switched her first and middle names.

Until next week, Araca Project People, have a great weekend!