FUNdraising Friday

WOAH NOW.  Switchin’ it up.  Fun Fact Friday is now FUNdraising Friday!  We’ll keep you posted on the fundraising campaigns of all our shows.  Don’t worry (and I know you were…), we’ll throw some fun facts in the rest of the week.

Cake: $1,846.00

News from the week: Cake found its last cast member(s), launched a new website and started rehearsals this week.

Opening in 25 days!

The Black Book is doing a lot of fundraising offline, while still keeping up a Fractured Atlas page.  Last week, one of their producers, Marcelo, produced a fundraiser in his hometown of San Fran!

News from the week: BB also launched their website and got this INCREDIBLE new poster.  How cool is that?!

Rehearsals start Monday!

The Man With America Skin: $2,580.00 

News from the week: Uh, hello! $2,500 in their first week! Also they have this incredible video that you must watch, AND found their last actor!

The team is working on a great fundraiser for next weekend.  Check it out!

Hot Mess in Manhattan had an extremely successful donor presentation last week and will be launching their online campaign soon. Stay tuned!

One Night Only is prepping for their preview show in Chicago in August, and releasing a series of videos on the show/the people/the awesomeness.

Also, if you’re not following them on Twitter and Facebook, you’re missing out on some excellent daily programming.

The Rescignos: $3,800.00

News from the week: those sweatervesting twins, The Rescignos, are well on their way to a wildly successful IndieGoGo experience.  Look out for some Batman-themed vests next week as the Dark Knight Rises.

That’s all she wrote for week 1 of July!  Hope you all had great holidays.  Don’t forget to buy tickets and subscribe to our newsletter!