InterVIEWS-day TUESday: Danny Bateman

Welcome to InterVIEWS-day TUESday (Say it out loud. It rhymes.)!  Each week, we’ll feature a different Araca Project participant answering questions on all the hard-hitting issues, like which Friends character they most resemble.  This week, we have Danny Bateman, producer of The Black Book. Photo credit: my own creepy Facebook stalking. Enjoy!

Full name: Daniel James Bateman

What is your involvement in Araca Project 2012?
A Producer on The Black Book

Describe your show in one sentence. No semi-colons.
Psychological thriller about a suicidal college student and his troubled future…

What is your favorite thing about your show (no spoilers!)?
That you can’t understand it all until at least the last scene, if not until the ride home.

What was the first show you worked on in any capacity?
I remember in 5th grade I did this melodrama, the teacher was crazy and even had large signs saying when to laugh.

What is your biggest show catastrophe, on stage or off?
I remember in high school during The Importance of Being Earnest in the tea scene with Jack and Algernon one of the saucers rolled off the table, across the stage, and down the three stairs into the house bouncing on each one. Before it completed using its kinetic energy it spun for another fifteen seconds as everyone, including me, watched it before continuing.

What are your top 3 theatre experiences (as an audience member or participant)?
Seeing Kevin Spacey in Richard III, being in Moon Over Buffalo in high school, and being on stage in my underwear for 20+ minutes in SU drama’s Lysistrata…

What was your favorite college restaurant?
Jimmy Johns, not just favorite college restaurant, favorite life restaurant

What is your earliest memory?
Getting in a car accident with my family

What is your internet and/or social media obsession?
Fantasy Leagues

If you were a Friends character, who would you be?

What was your favorite movie in each decade of your life?
The Departed (editor’s note: we’re assuming that Danny’s omission of any other films means he’s claiming The Departed as the best movie of the last 2+ decades. Not saying we disagree, just pointing it out.)

What is your favorite Olympic event?


Coffee or tea? Tea

Mad Men or Breaking Bad? It’s Always Sunny.

Mac or PC? Mac, just need to get one.

Manhattan or Brooklyn? Brooklyn

Hiking or biking? Mountain biking… VT kid

Thanks, Danny!  Check out The Black Book on Twitter and Facebook, and take a look at their website for ways you can support!