InterVIEWS-day TUESday: Emily Stromberg

Welcome to InterVIEWS-day TUESday (Say it out loud. It rhymes.)!  Each week, we’ll feature a different Araca Project participant answering questions on all the hard-hitting issues, like which Friends character they most resemble.  It was Emily’s birthday yesterday!  This is her gift.

Full name: Emily Hannah Stromberg, or the Artist Formerly Known as Hannah Emily. (see Fun Fact Friday: Staff Edition for details)

What is your involvement in Araca Project 2012?
Assistant Production Manager to the Stars

Describe your show in one sentence. No semi-colons.
I don’t have a show but I send a lot of emails.

What is your favorite thing about your job?
My favorite thing about my job is clearly the Bachelorette pool. But seriously, the wide spectrum of work we get to do… it never gets boring!

What was the first show you worked on in any capacity? 
I was in a (probably illegally produced) summer camp production of Pocahontas the musical at age 6. I played one of Pocahontas’s 15 sisters AND a townsperson. I guess I was racially ambiguous at a young age.

What is your biggest show catastrophe, on stage or off?
I had a lead actor come down with a severe stomach flu about 20 minutes before the 3rd show of a 5 show run of Much Ado About Nothing. I had to take him from the show straight to the hospital in his full 1920’s formal military costume. He had to leave school and we didn’t do understudies, so that was all pretty dramatic. The next year, the guitar player in the pit of The Fully Monty had a heart attack right before Michael Jordan’s Ball at the Sunday Matinee (no worries, he survived!). Those were my two big main stage shows at Michigan, so I think I might have been cursed.  Bonus: When I was 10 I played Gandalf in a musical adaptation of The Hobbit… I’d consider that a catastrophe.

What are your top 3 theatre experiences (as an audience member or participant)?

  • Calling the final light cue in The Full Monty at Michigan with a live audience for the first time. If you don’t know the show, basically if I mess up that cue I am leaving six guys onstage butt naked with an entire audience staring at their junk. Pretty exhilarating call.
  • Sitting on headset with the stage manager at Mary Poppins on Broadway.
  • Seeing South Pacific at Lincoln Center with my dad. The first musical he ever saw was the original tour of South Pacific in the early 1950s, so it was very sentimental.

What was your favorite college restaurant?
Sava’s for the sweet potato fries and the Pool Boy. I’m also a big fan of the prepared foods at the Co-Op in Kerrytown. As far as nice restaurants go, I’m all about Vinology on Main Street.

What is your earliest memory?
Riding in the car on my older brother’s preschool carpools and seeing the homeless man with one arm that would stand at the freeway entrance soliciting for money every day. Good times.
Side note: I lived in a very nice, residential area of Los Angeles as a child. I don’t know how this man ended up at our freeway entrance.

What is your internet and/or social media obsession?
Tom & Lorenzo. They are an older gay couple that write the most hilarious and accurate fashion blog ever. They call their readers bitter kittens and have a segment called “Girl, That’s Not Your Dress.” I obviously love them.  

If you were a Friends character, who would you be?
Never really watched it, but I am told Phoebe by my best friend/Friends aficionado.

What was your favorite movie in each decade of your life?
1990’s: Aladdin, Hercules as a close runner up
2000’s: Love Actually, Hairspray with my one true love Zac Efron
2010’s: Crazy, Stupid, Love.

What is your favorite Olympic event?
A girl in my sorority was an Olympic Ice Dancer, so I guess I’ll go with that. Cheer for Meryl Davis in the next Winter Olymics!


Coffee or tea? Coffee with soy milk. But the actual best drink in existence is the Winter Dream Tea Latte from the Coffee Bean.

Mad Men or Breaking Bad?  True Blood.

Mac or PC?  Mac. Me and the Dell at work are NOT friends.

Manhattan or Brooklyn?  Manhattan!

Hiking or biking?  Biking. Less direct contact with mud and/or bugs.