What Araca Provides:

  1. The entire cost of the theater rental (including liability insurance for the theatre) in midtown Manhattan.
  2. A financial investment in each selected project.
  3. Two Executive Producers of The Araca Project to serve as mentors to each project
  The Rescignos , Araca Project 2012

The Rescignos, Araca Project 2012


How many pieces are chosen each year?
There is no set number; 2011 featured four projects, 2012 and 2013 each had six, and 2014 featured seven.  

What if I don’t live in New York?
You do not need to be based in NYC; one of 2012’s shows featured an entirely Chicago-based company. Note: Araca does not provide housing.

When does this all happen?  Where am I?  WHO am I?
Hey.  It's gonna be OK.  We have this timeline for you!  (subject to change)

  • January 13: Applications available online at www.aracaproject.com.
  • March 13: Applications due.
  • April 21: Pitches are held in New York City. The panel consists of the Araca Project team and representatives from participating schools.
  • July 10-14: A week-long producing intensive in New York City to provide chosen participants with the tools they need to produce. They are introduced to leaders in the Broadway and Off-Broadway communities, and afforded the opportunity to directly converse about the specifics of their shows. These are not master classes or lectures; these are work sessions intended to help each production reach its fullest potential.
  • September/October: Araca Project begins load-in and performances of each production.

The Fine Print:

  • The Araca Project splits the box office revenue 50/50 with each project at the end of thr run.
  • Participation in the Araca Project is open to any former student who graduated between 2013 - 2016, or any current student graduating in 2017, from the following schools: University of Michigan, Syracuse University (including Tepper Semester), Yale University, Northwestern University, Florida State University. Unless your submission includes significant alumni participation from any of the above programs, it will not be considered at this time.
  • The week-long Producing Intensive is mandatory; ALL producers must attend the entirety of the Intensive. 

Have another question?  Drop us a line.