Tyler Paul

Co-Executive Producer  

A Connecticut native with a love for puppies and pizza. He is a former actor-turned-arts administrator with an extensive background in producing, and enjoys long walks on the beach with his dog under a moonlit sky.


Danny Bateman

Co-Executive Producer 

Danny is a sandwich aficionado from the great state of Vermont. He is a two-time producer and actor within The Araca Project (The Black Book, Breaking Heels). You might recognize Danny as 'Andy' from Toy Story, who was modeled after him.

Lisa Nicholas
Director of Creative Development

Lisa Nicholas, a Syracuse University alum, has been working on the Araca Project since its inception. She’s delighted to be a part of the team. She currently serves as Program Director of The Tepper Semester in NYC.


Lisa pic.jpg

Catie Salebra
Socialite Associate

Catie is a molder of minds who sometimes finds herself morphing into a website designer. A pseudo stage-manager with a knack for live-tweeting, she invented the social media version of the childhood backyard game ‘tag,’ called ‘hashtag’ – it’s exactly what you’re not sure it is. #DirectAndToTheOtherPoint

Danielle Dall'au
Creator / Mentor / Champion

Danielle was a visionary on a mission. After obtaining her Masters at Columbia, she ventured around the world in search of true inspiration. She returned with a fire to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within us all through live performance --- thus The Araca Project was born. She is also a sweatervest enthusiast.

Danielle Sweatervested.jpg

Phil Blechman
Cunningly Corgeous Consultant

Phil is a wordsmith and nerd hailing from somewhere in New York state. A former writer, producer and three-time director within The Araca Project (The Black Book, Breaking Heels, American Games), he has an affinity for card games, gladiators, and his dog - Mr. Bear. He is often seen climbing things and talking fast.