2016 shows


BY Molly Houlahan and Benji Goldsmith

PRODUCERS: Yuvika Tolani, Henry Tisch, Angeline Wang, Chris Homburger

In an impossibly perfect kingdom, Princess and Prince encounter something wholly unfamiliar on the eve of their wedding: doubt. When the world as they know it goes up in smoke, Princess and Prince, King and Queen, dragons and witches are left to struggle with how and what to rebuild from the ashes.

With book/lyrics by Molly Houlahan and music/lyrics by Benji Goldsmith, SCORCHED is a whimsical examination of the stories we tell and how they shape us.


Across the Park

by Kate Tucker Fahlsing

Producers: Kate Tucker Fahlsing & Kathryn Coughlin

Stuck on an island with 8 million people, Caroline and Denny are lonely and over-medicated. Separated by Central Park and almost two decades in age, this dysfunctional pair is brought together online by lust and their inability to cope. ACROSS THE PARK, a new play by Kate Tucker Fahlsing, follows Denny and Caroline’s non-traditional relationship for ten years and about ten thousand text messages. This dark comedy takes a candid look at mental illness, the search for human connection, and what happens when the only person who truly understands you is as damaged as you are.

Salem Bitch Trials

by Jared Sprowls

Producers: Jared Sprowls & Caitlin de Lisser-Ellen

When Bridget Bishop, the drag queen, acts out the life of Bridget Bishop, the Salem witch, she loses track of what is part of her act and what is part of her real life. Does her daughter doubt her? Does her lover love her? Will her stilettos kill her? As Bridget lip-syncs her way through Bridget Bishop Presents: The Salem Bitch Trials by Jared Rubin Sprowls, she determines whether she’s hiding behind a character or getting closer to her true self.

Kept Woman

by Rebekah Suellau

Producers: Madeline Hickman, Rebekah Suellau, & Emily Kleypas

When Cyn and Barry's longtime relationship is rocked by infidelity, the couple concocts an elaborate system of rules and boundaries in an attempt to repair the damage. The game gets even more complicated when Barry, charged with bedding another woman, begins falling in love with Adria. A love triangle with more than a few twists, Kept Woman is a dark, funny, strikingly sexy meditation on what we really mean by "moving on."



2015 Shows


By: Sofya Weitz

Producers: Sofya Weitz, Will Arbery, Katie Cochran, & Will Dagger

Lady lives a simple life in her sprawling castle. She eats refined sugar, applies creams to her skin, walks her lonely halls, and kills young girls. But her lifestyle is crumbling-- the Minister is drumming up suspicion, the townspeople are getting angry, and her two servants, Pal and Vlad, have started to plot an escape. LADY is loosely based on Countess Bathory, who (if the accounts are true) killed over 600 young girls, making her the worst serial killer in history.  

Le Probleme

By: Francois Begaudeau

Producers: Sarah Krasnow, Sally Shen, & Stephanie Rolland

“I’m going where I’m still desired,” says Annie, explaining to her husband and children why she is leaving them for a man she met at work.Capturing one hour in the life of a family in crisis, Le Problème examines mother, father, son, and daughter as they navigate the responsibilities they have to themselves and each other.When a relationship changes, what is the solution? Or is there even a problem?


2014 Shows

You, Me, & That Guy

Written by Stephen Sanow
Directed by Jenny Leon
Produced by Pink House Productions
Syracuse University

"You, Me, & That Guy" is a hilarious 80 minute comedy starring Sarah, a recent college grad, an aspiring singer and a hot mess who uses the magic of a mystical open mic to deal with the relationships between her technology saturated friends and family.  This uproarious comedy features live music, salsa dancing, and roller derby. Come see "You Me & That Guy" at the American Theatre of Actors on September 10-14!

The Fatal Eggs

Adapted by Dustin Wills and Ilya Khodosh
Based on "The Fatal Eggs" by Mikhail Bulgakov
Produced by Kate Atwell, Sophie von Haselberg, Dustin Wills, and Lauren Wainwright
Yale University

A curmudgeonly Soviet scientist discovers the hope for humanity: the ray of life! But when the government steals his invention, untold horrors are unleashed. Equal parts provocative satire and madcap science fiction, The Fatal Eggs skewers political incompetence and corruption, misguided faith in technology, a gullible and complacent populace, and a fear-mongering media. It's the apocalyptic story of a decaying civilization. It’s a monster tale of utopian intentions gone awry, and a beautiful rumination on what is lost in a culture fueled by exploitation and desire. Seven actors perform 56 different roles in this dizzying seventy-five minute race toward apocalypse. 

Mare In The Men's Room

Written by David L. Kimple
Produced by Goldfish Memory Productions
Florida State University

When her marriage starts to crumble, Brigette trades a quiet life in the suburbs for the world of drag, and breaks the mold by performing as a new kind of drag King -- a man who likes to perform as a woman. As her fame rises, her marriage falls farther away, and suddenly the life she once knew no longer exists.

October In The Chair And Other Fragile Things

Adapted by Old Sound Room from short stories by Neil Gaiman
Directed by Michael McQuilken
Produced by Old Sound Room
Yale University

In the event that you should find yourself in a fairytale, remember: Never ignore the advice of the talking Raven, don’t ever literally give your heart as a Valentine, the Phoenix is the best Last Meal you’ll ever have, and little boys always like adventure; especially the dead ones. 

Join OldSoundRoom performance ensemble for “October in the Chair and Other Fragile Things,” sixty magical minutes of the unlikely happenings and absurdist humor of Neil Gaiman’s short stories.


2013 Shows




by Rachel Carpman & Sara Holden

Producers: Rachel CarpmAn & Sara Holden

Wily fairies, bewildered lovers, and theater-loving menials collide in a radical reworking of Shakespeare's magical masterpiece. Familiar and alien, joyful and vicious. Midsummer explores the destruction we foolish mortals wreak on the world around us and revels in the redemptive power of imagination. This thrilling new spin on A Midsummer Night's Dream pulls text from across Shakespeare's canon to create a playful, aware, physical, contemporary tale for skeptics, romantics, and those of us who still, somehow, believe in magic.



by Mercedes Lake

Producers:  Mercedes Lake & Diana Losen

Obese Ellie and Jessica enter the hottest reality weight loss show TAUT! (Totally Awesome Untamed Thiness!) in order to lose weight, win cash, and gain sage advice from celebrity trainer, Shawna. However, as the taping continues, Ellie and Jessica begin to lose a lot more than their love handles. Taught. is a play about reality television, body policing and the dangers of defining "health."


Orphans & Outsiders

 by Andrew Garrett, in collaboration with Jackie Rivera

Producers: Erica Blumrosen, Andrew Garrett, Sally Lindel, Carmen A. Quiñones, Sara Robillard, & Lawrence Schober

Terrified of being discovered, seven siblings flee their isolated home and are thrust into the chaos of post-apocalyptic America. When tracked down by outsiders whose oppressive views threaten their way of life, the family struggles to survive. Will they stand together to protect their own or allow opposing beliefs to tear them apart? 


















The Lilliput Troupe

By: Gaby FeBland

Producers: Jack Eidson & Sally Lindel

Gaby FeBland's breathtaking new play The Lilliput Troupe tells the incredible true story of the Ovitz family, seven vaudeville-performing siblings with dwarfism who survived a year in Josef Mengele's laboratory. Structured as a post-war vaudeville retelling of "Snow White," the play follows the Lilliputs on their unlikely journey from their home in the mountains to vaudeville stages across Europe to the laboratory of the most notorious war criminal of the 20th century. Combining klezmer music, shadow puppetry, and the humor of vaudeville The Lilliput Troupe spotlights the power of family, the weight of survival, and the place of theatrics in a world of war.

Urinetown: The Musical

By: Greg Kotis & Mark Hollman

Producers: Ethan Butler, Tim Simon, & Seth Landau

In a dystopian yet not unfamiliar world, a group of oppressed people rally around a new leader to protest the injustices they face. Protest turns to revolt and the people fight back to change the corrupt system that kept them down for so long. The show speaks largely to themes of liberation, revolution, and sustainability. And while it premièred on Broadway in 2001 it is arguably even a better allegory today to the political and social turmoil facing our country.


Sea Legs: A Nautical New Musical

Book and Lyrics by: Tyler Dean
Music by: Michael Tooman
Directed by: Taylor Norton
Produced by: Lindsay Alexis, Alexa Bergman, and Jason Kovacs
University of Michigan

Sea Legs is an award-winning original musical about four young orphans who long for adventure outside their quaint harbor town. But when adulthood, romance, and a few unexpected visitors are thrown in their path, they find that adventure might be closer than they once thought.  This coming-of-age tale will reconnect adults with their imagination and inspire children to find their own adventure. Don't miss the boat- join us in New York  in September 2014!

Bones In The Basket

Written by Alexandra Henrikson
Directed by Devin Brain
Produced by Lindsey Tureltaub and Emma Sherr-Ziarko
Yale University

A motley troupe of storytellers burst onto a makeshift stage with a riotous performance of seven classic Russian fairy tales. These wild misfits will act, sing, dance, flirt, beg, borrow, steal; whatever it takes to fill their empty bellies. And they have no interest in stories that end in “happily ever after…” So raise up your glass in a toast and your voice in song, as Bones in the Basket invites you to a world of tales filled with startling plot twists, morbid spectacles, and biting humor.

Out Of The Basement

Written by Danny Coates-Finke
Directed by David Siciliano
Produced by RADD Theatre Co.
Syracuse University

Tucker is a dude to envy. Bestselling author, lover of women, champion of bros, he walks confidently until a group of fans take his work too far. A scary, sometimes funny, always exciting journey down the rabbit-hole of masculinity and it’s consequences.


American Games

Written by Kevin Slack
produced by Dario Caudana, Kevin Slack, Will Pullen, Katie Lynch, Andy Striph & Peter Sansbury
Syracuse University

Baseball phenom Henry Wool is widely considered to be the greatest pitching prospect in the history of the sport --subject of vast speculation, analysis, and media hype. But when he gets injured early in his rookie year and decides to hang it up for good, Henry must deal with the consequences of fame, love, power, and history.

The Memory Tax

Written by Chad Eschman
Produced by
Chad Eschman, Lauren Baines and Matthew Johns
Northwestern University

Memories aren't something you keep, they're something you become.

A young couple tries to build a future in a dystopian America, where memories are taken out of people's minds and archived because there may not be a tomorrow. Featuring film, live projections, and an original underscore, The Memory Tax explores whether a family can survive in a dying world.


Sheri Sanders in Concert

Produced by Kenny Metzger & Kristin Morris
Syracuse University

In her riveting one woman show, acclaimed actor and teacher Sheri Sanders takes us on a journey through the decades of rock/pop music, the cultures that created them, and their influences on her as a person and artist. This is an exclusive production of the rock concert that will take her across the country on tour with her Hal Leonard published book, Rock The Audition, arriving as the timely answer to the wedding of rock music and contemporary musical theater.

Breaking Heels

Written by Bryn Lagoni
Produced by Bryn Lagoni, Chelsea Gonzalez, Brittany Visser & Danny Bateman
Syracuse University

When shy Stacy started college in the fall, the last thing she expected was to be turned into a ‘real-life temptress’ by Rachel, her high heeled-wearing, vodka sipping roommate.  In this contemporary coming of age comedy, these unlikely friends discover who they are through what they wear on their feet.  Breaking Heels is a play about healing.


[Press Play]

Conceived and Produced by Han Park & RJ Brown
University of Michigan

[PRESS PLAY] is an avant-garde theatrical dance event featuring a score by modern techno/house music producers and a visual experience of live interactive 3D projections that encircle the entire audience. [PRESS PLAY] fuses these two electrifying elements together with innovative contemporary choreography to tell a post-apocalyptic story about the aftermath of World War III and the importance of freedom.

2012 Shows


Written by Shawn C. Nabors

Produced by Shawn C. Nabors and Jasmine Thomas.

Cake is a 90-minute dramedy about Messiah & Ari, two young African-American men who meet online for a casual encounter, but wind up invested in and connected to each other in ways neither of them expected. This play takes a heartbreakingly honest look at the unique way grief manifests itself in each of us and, more importantly, how we handle it when it does.

The Man With America Skin

Written by Seth Moore

Produced by Alex Bisker, Stephanie Shechter, Seth Moore, Justin Lang, Nathan Lehmann and Leigh Adel-Arnold

Somewhere in the midst of a wasted Americana, a paranoid artist has spent a year (or was it nine?) alone, trying to pull himself together after leaving his family. The arrival of a soldier, back covered in shrapnel scars, shakes up his world and begins to pull him from the depths. Together, they convert the boarded up house into a camera obscura, watching the world through a bullet hole, and healing each other.

One Night Only

Produced by Michael Girts

The great Stephen Sondheim composed eight musicals in 31 years. Slacker. At One Night Only, the cast creates a brand new musical each night, complete with singing, dancing, rhyming, rapping and free play. These veteran Chicago improvisers use audience suggestions to create a 60-minute joyride that’s never been seen before – and will never be seen again.

All of Our Feelings at Once

Conceived, Produced and Performed by Robert Dowling, Rebecca Loesser, Alison Lynch, Britta Rowings & Jesse Thurston
Northwestern University

All of Our Feelings at Once is five earnest writer-performers who make original comedy. Committed to over-sharing by any means possible, they meld forms as varied as sketch, songs, storytelling, interactive games, circus, visual art, and good, old-fashioned handstand contests. In Chicago, AoOFaO has produced completely unique shows every month since March 2012.


The Black Book

Written and Directed by Phil Blechman

Produced by Phil Blechman, Danny Bateman, Marcelo Pereira

The Black Book is a new 99-minute suspense thriller about a troubled college student who leaves a suicidal poem on his poetry professor’s desk. The apprehensive professor is compelled to delve into his student’s past to decipher the true meaning of his poem, understand the guilt over the loss of the girl he loved, and ultimately save him from taking his own life. The Black Book is a haunting exploration of a mind on the verge of collapse and the struggles inherent with accepting the past. It's 11:11. Make a wish.

Hot Mess in Manhattan

Book by Cait Doyle and Meggie Doyle

Music and Lyrics by Adam Gwon, Ryan Scott Oliver, Julianne Wick Davis, Kait Kerrigan & Brian Lowdermilk, Gaby Alter, Nick Blaemire, Sam Carner & Derek Gregor, Ryan Cunningham & Joshua Salzman, Drew Gasparini, Michael Mahler and Keith Varney

Produced by Cait Doyle, Meggie Doyle, David Ruttura, Justin Nichols and Greg Schaffert

Hot Mess in Manhattan is a high-heeled, low-brow musical comedy following one 20-something woman trying to conquer the big city the only way she knows how: the way of Carrie Bradshaw. Armed with a score featuring a dozen of musical theater's hottest new composers and one worn-out pair of Blahniks, she is met with her greatest fear: if 'Sex and the City' LIED, then what's to become of a 'Hot Mess in Manhattan?

The Rescignos

Produced by Paul Rescigno, Robbie Rescigno and Mike Hadge

Donning sweater vests and each armed with a razor-sharp wit, Paul and Robbie Rescigno are like Cain and Abel, but with more singing and less fratricide. In The Rescignos, the titular twin brothers are joined by a talented ensemble of actors for a musical comedy show that hearkens back to an old-school television variety series, with contemporary material and brand-spanking new music. If 'old-school' feels redundant, we only need to remind you: they're twins. Redundancy is what they do best.